Cloud Computing

The term "Cloud Computing" can be confusing as it covers many things but it is the way of the future and has many advantages. In our attempt to avoid jargon here is a list of the services that we offer.


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft now offers their Office product as a subscription as an alternative to an outright purchase. This can be most cost effective and includes a number of online services.


Cloud Backup

Internet data backup has been around for a number of years but the new breed of 'ransomware' viruses has made this more important than ever. We offer different solutions for specific circumstances.

one drive

Online file sharing

If you have more than one office, sometimes work from home or need to collaborate with others then online file sharing is something that you should consider. A master copy of your files is held securely on the Internet while a working copy may be held on your local machine. A great way to collaborate with others, keep your data secure and portable.


System Monitoring

Monitoring of critical systems is a standard part of what we provide for anyone who has a service contract with us.

Our monitors will detect and report anything unusual so that we can take the appropriate. We can also monitor any active and invoke a remedial action when necessary.