Telephone Systems

Free to own, there is no monthly fee for the privilege of having a phone on your desk! You pay for what you actually use. You’ll need some compatible phones, the only cost is a setup fee then £3 per month for each phone number you have plus 1p per minute peak rate to make calls nationwide. This means that the total cost of installing and owning our system is as low as it gets!




The worlds of computing and telephony are merging giving you real business benefits. ‘Click-to-dial’ allows you to call someone at the click of a mouse which is faster and more convenient than dialling and eliminates mistakes. ‘Screen popping’ tells you who’s calling before you lift the handset and can be used to fetch caller records in advance saving considerable time.

All the features of much more expensive phone systems including:

•Voice mail
•Auto attendant
•Usage reporting
•Music on hold
•Call recording
•CRM integration

If you do business on the phone (and who doesn’t these days) then you really need to know what’s going on with your phone system. Who makes the most calls each day, week or month and what’s that costing you? How many rings, on average, before calls are answered? When’s the busiest time of day meaning you need more staff? Who makes the most calls each day, week or month? This, and pretty much anything else you would ever want to know, are available in real-time using Netvibes Gadgets.

It’s would be a shame that some of the most beneficial features of your phone system go unused because they’re just too complicated. Our system comes with desktop software that lets you dial by name, shows you who’s on the phone, lets you transfer calls and much, much more. Think of it as a fully featured switchboard on each user’s desktop. It sits discreetly in the system tray or in your browser and only pops up when needed.

If you would like to know how you can reduce your telephone costs with a modern full featured phone system contact us on 01494 866668 or by e-mail: to discuss your requirements or arrange a demonstration