ChatGPT: What’s Going On?

Following the news that Microsoft will soon be integrating Copilot, an AI large language model (LLM) like the one behind ChatGPT, into Microsoft 365, we look at how this will…


Window-Film Cools Buildings

Scientists from Kyung Hee University in Seoul have developed a clear window film that can cool the inside of buildings, thereby reducing the energy consumption from air conditioning in hot…

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Hand controls smart refrigerator interface with an image of the interior.

Smart Products Have Just 2 Years Of Life

Consumer champion Which? says that high-end smart products may lose features and functionality, or become a hacking risk, after as little as two years because manufacturers may stop tech updates.…


Deepfaked Eyes On Video Calls

A new AI feature for Nvidia’s Broadcast client will overlay your eyes with some deepfake ones which are always looking at the camera. Eye Contact Feature The ‘Eye Contact’ feature…